Project Description

Transmitter-receiver Module for MFR (Multifunctional Phase Array Radar)


· Operating Frequency S-band
· Output Frequency > OO W
· Polarization Vertical polarization
· Directional Gain 21dBi
· Beam Angle ± 45°
· IO Interface SRIO or sFPDP
· Self-calibration Quadrature Calibration

Core Technology

  • Indendant digital array type of single channal data from analog array type by old subarray type.
  • Ultra-high speed data transmission via fiber optic cable
  • Multi-layer & compact/high integration in the single module
  • High integrated & multi functional transceiving chip control technology
  • Beam-forming & Beam-combining algorhsm technology
    - High speed DSP installation
    - High Resolution & Multi-beam