Company History

Broadern is responsible for the national defense industry through the best-talented people and continuous technological innovation.

1998~2004 Millitron Inc. : Spun-off from satellite division of Hyundai Electronics
2004~2006 Broadern Inc. : Changed name from Millitron
2006~2009 Broadern was merged with TaeGwang EnC
Operation as business division (Specialized Satellite Communication)
2009 Broadern Co., Ltd: Spun-off from TaeGwang EnC
Acquisition of facility equipments & Sales right
Succession of all employees
2010 May. Certified ISO 14001, 9001
Sep. Certified Venture Company
Oct. Certified Corporate affiliated research institute
2013 Dec. Awarded offset Program with IAI-ELTA through DAPA (Defense Acquisition & Procurement Agency)
Dec. Selected as a company for the core parts localization development support project of 13-2nd weapon systems
(Defense Agency for Technology and Quality)
2016 Apr. Certified strong and small enterprises (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Oct. Certified promising small and medium sized company (Gyeonggi Province )
2018 Nov. Certified AS9100 (Aerospace Quality Management System)