RF Part

Through 2D & 3D Design & Analysis, we perform optimized design and preliminary risk analysis to meet customer requirements.

Design Capacity

  • Broadband Matching Technology
  • Phase Matching Technology
  • High Frequency PCB Artwork Technology
  • Passive Design Technology
    (Filter / WPD / Coupler / Transition)
  • Active Design Technology
    (AMP / OSC / Comb Generator / Detector / Mixer etc.)

Mechanical Part

Through 3D Modeling & Simulation, we conduct customer quality and technical verification.

3D Modeling

Vibration Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Control Part

Fabrication of test equipments for RF module using FPGA and MCU and high-performance RF system design through high-speed RF component interface


  • FPGA(Intel, Xilinx) / MCU(ARM, AVR)
  • RTL Simulation & Verification for design analysis
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Circuit design and high speed serial interface for high speed ADC / DAC
  • Development of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for improved productivity and efficient testing

Development Process